Dec 2, 2007

Ode to Vinnie's Tongue

My friend Patty, who is going to school to become a vet, was recently telling me a case she saw where the hospital could not figure out why a dog was losing weight so rapidly. The poor dog was severely anemic and no one could figure out the cause. Turns out the dog's tongue was so large, it impeded with the ability to swallow. The poor dog could not keep get any food down his throat because his tongue prevented him from swallowing.

We got on this topic because Vinnie was walking around with his tongue hanging out. Luckily, Vinnie manages to keep his tongue in check and he can eat his food normally. After saying a silent prayer for Vinnie's health, I started thinking about the many faces Vinnie's tongue has...

Can I Help You? Tongue

Yummy! Can I Have Some Tongue

Really Happy To Be At The Park Tongue

Action Tongue

Cutie Patootie Tongue..
WTF?! Tongue

Bath Tongue

Yeah, But Can You Do This Tongue

What'choo Talkin' About Willis Tongue

Autumn Tongue

Zoolander Tongue
A Blond Moment Tongue

Eating Boogers Tongue

Sleepy Tongue

Catching Snowfalkes Tongue

I REALLY Love The River Tongue

Serious Thoughts Tongue

Pout Tongue

Upside Down Silliness Tongue

Startled Tongue

Itty Bitty Tongue

Clean Your Forehead Wrinkles Tongue

Ecstatic Tongue (my all time favorite Vinnie picture)

Bruno only has one face...

And it didn't take long for Gino to fit right in...

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