Dec 29, 2007

Saturday Frannie

I have discovered a few things about Frannie.

She has a ferocious bark! It's low, it's deep and it's LOUD! I keep looking for her stash of cigarettes...I've never heard a girl dog with a bark this deep!

"Who, me?"

A maintenance man knocked on the door let to me know that water service would be shut off due to a broken main line. Poor maintenance man...he stood about ten feet away from the door after he knocked. I don't blame him after hearing Frannie's deep bark!

The second thing is that she's scared of the kitchen vent. Whenever I turn it on, she trembles and goes into hiding. I've been working with her on helping her get over this fear, but it's a slow progress.

Anyway, I think she's just had about enough of me...

Yup, I'd say she's reached
her Mary Limit.

She really would like Seana to come back soon...

"Wait, what?
You have cookies?!
Ok, maybe you can stay for a few more days."

And since the New Year is right around the corner, I'd thought I'd show you all the new things I've been eating.

I have been eating a lot of this...

and a lot of this...

My stomach problems are back. Someone please call the whambulance!

I think I've trigged it to being stress induced. Whenever I stress out about something, my problems return with a vengeance. An effort to keep things, um, solid (so to speak!), I've been eating a lot of new produce. I signed up for a box of local produce from a farmer at UC Davis and I'm amazed at the variety of items included in the box. Ryan's not so on the ball about eating all this "new" stuff, but I've been treating it like an adventure.

My problems also seem to return quicker when I stop running. I am going to return to jogging on my lunch breaks and then eating later in the afternoon. I've started a Couch to 5K in 7 Weeks program, so make sure to check on me that I'm still focused! Join me if you like! You don't have to start off running. You can begin the Walk To Run program, which is where I started.

And on that note, I am off! I'm going to see Sarah today for a haircut and color. When I return, I shall look a little bit more presentable. :)

Talk to you next year!

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