Mar 10, 2009

Bruno & Carmela: This Is How We Chew It

Alright, I'm back in business! Slowly, but surely, I'm back to taking pictures and uploading them to make up for all the pictures I lost when my computer pushed daisies. Sadly, I had my picture set ready to post a "Things I Laugh At But Shouldn't"...but the computer eated it. :-( That's my next homework assignment and I haven't forgotten!

But enough about me... ;-)

The Canine Mafia is in raw meaty bone heaven. My local raw food co-op recently located a beef supplier willing to sell lots of goodies to us raw feeders. I was able to get a case of some very meaty beef necks.

beef neck!"

Seriously, they are very, very, very meaty...

And for some odd reason, they make Bruno chew like a cone head!


Of course, since these beef necks are bigger than Carmela, I had to give her one! But that didn't quite work out.

See, Bruno became somewhat of a butthead with these necks. He wanted them all and darnit if some little Chihuahua was going to get his precious lot of beef necks. As soon as I gave her one, he ditched his and tried to punk her. Yeah, she didn't back down and I could see this quickly leading to no good, so instead she got a smaller sized bone.

"Are you serious?!
This is what I get??"

"I guess this will do for now."

She was content for a while.

"So are you going to get out of my face,
or are you going to get out of my face?"


  1. Oh how we wish we had some meaty beef necks.


    Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies

  2. WOW, I want to come visit your house!!!! Those beef necks look VERY yummy:)

    Way to hold your ground Carmela!!

    Have a PAWSOME Tuesday!!

  3. Hi, it's me TEAM CELESTES!!!

    YUMMMMS! I likes raw foods too and I'm also a masters of huntings (or I tries to be).

    Keep up the good works of eatings those raw meaty bones!

  4. RMB's keep the vet away. Recreational bones rock!

    ~Bison and Lindsay

  5. "I am not the Taco Bell chihuahua. I will kill you."

  6. I would totally leave Carmela alone. She scares me, just a little.


    Pee Ess We love your header!


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