Mar 5, 2009

She Fits Right In...

Today marks six months that Carmela joined The Canine Mafia. Can you believe time has flown by so quickly?

She's quickly learned the ropes. Especially the part about keeping the boys in line.

"I am a force to be reckoned with!"

Far cry from the dog I found wandering straight into traffic that fateful night, isn't it?

Photo taken by Letitia


  1. I think Carmela is adorable. And I am so silly, I only just realized where her name probably came from. Is she named after Carmela on the Sopranos?

  2. Wow 6 months already!
    She looks so much feistier and stronger now that she's all mobbed up!

  3. She sure does fit right in! Now with muscles to prove it. Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 months already, either!


  4. The boys are lucky to have her -- SOMEBODY needed to take charge of the syndicate!

  5. Carmela you are beeoootiful! We are glad you found the Dogfathers, they needed a feminine touch!

  6. Ok... I need to say this... Carmela is BY FAR the most beautiful Chihuahua I have seen on the Internet so far : no kidding! And believe me, since I got my deer head Pablo, I have been doing nothing but doing research on the Chihuahua. Anyways, long life to your Mafia!


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