Mar 12, 2009

Gino and Vinnie: This Is How We Chew It

Gino was given a beef neck from the lovely bounty, but he kept dragging it all over the place. Maybe it was too precious to chew and he wanted to save he proceeded to bury it!

I quickly traded him the beef neck for pig femur and that seemed like a fair trade to him.

"I'll be wanting that beef neck back!"

Ok, so I was wrong. Wouldn't be the first time. :-p


Vinnie took his time pondering which end of his raw meaty bone he should tackle first. He's a thinker, that pug.

He quickly decided that he should start from the middle...

"Just like a Tootsie Pop!"

And then he figured out a better use for his long tongue...


Holy!! Vinnie, that's just obscene!

"My bad!"


  1. I love your dogs!!! They are just the cutest:)

    Pugs sure can be boneheads sometimes!! LOL

    Have a good Evening!!
    Pugsley & Heather

  2. At least Vinnie has the good grace to look abashed after that unseemly display of his freakishly long tongue ...

  3. They sure look like they love their bones!

  4. I'm thinking of switching my dog over to a raw diet. Any suggestions/resources? Thanks!


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