Mar 3, 2009

The Case of The Cone

The day Bruno found a new toy at the school yard started off like any other day. Bruno was chased by The Fun Police for running past the speed limit towards his new found toy:

"The Toy Gods left this for me!

I was pretty sure no god(s) left this cone for Bruno, but I couldn't convince him otherwise. I had to enlist Ryan for his help in getting the cone away from Bruno.



Ryan finally gave up. And so, Bruno had his new toy.

"All mine!"

I felt really guilty for letting Bruno have the cone. I am sure whomever left it in the tree didn't want it to be demolished by Bruno. Don't worry, Gino helped me chastise Bruno.

"You're destroying city property!
You'll go to jail where the bail there is
one million Milkbones!!"

Luckily, Bruno showed the cone mercy. After a few minutes of lugging it around, Bruno got really tired and just laid there with the cone.

Silly Bruno. Only he would find the small joys of lugging around a bright orange safety cone. :-)


  1. I wish I had a cone.

    Bobo the Sharpei puppy

  2. Cones are the new "IT" toy for 2009. All the dogs are asking their pawrents for one. Bison says he wants one but unlike Bruno, he wants to use it as a peeing post. To each there own, right? :)

  3. I used to leave orange cones in my horses paddock for entertainment, they would play with them too! Either that or fall in love with them :)

  4. That looks to me like a gift from the toy gods. Bruno, you are safe to play with it.


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