Mar 17, 2009

Why So Blue?

About three weeks ago, I found Blue doing an impression of a puffer fish.

The diagnosis at the time was an allergic reaction to a bug bite. But the swelling never quite went away. Somedays her face was normal and other days she would get a really swollen neck. There was one day where it is obvious that it was her lymph nodes that were causing the swelling and you could clearly feel them.

"Seriously, your days are numbered.
You do not post unflattering pictures
of me on the internets. EVER."

Unsatisfied with the previous explanation, I took her in last week to a clinic that specializes only in cats. The diagnosis is possible lymphoma. Yup, cancer.

I say possible because the results from her tests are inconclusive. It's not a clear diagnosis of lymphoma, but there's a chance it might be. The vet aspirated fluid from her most swollen lymph nodes and sent them off the be analyzed.

The results came back that it could be lymphoma in the beginning stages but it could possibly be something else. What that something else might be is the million dollar question. Answering this question would mean a barrage of tests, most of which are really invasive.

So for now, we're taking the conservative route. She's on a round of a powerful antibiotic in case it is a systemic infection caused be bacteria.

We ask for your prayers, juju, good thoughts and vibes so that we can kick this thing on its nasty ass. She kicked Fatty Livers disease flat on its ass and I am hoping she does the same to whatever is causing her discomfort currently. Blue has survived too much to leave us so soon.

Besides, who else would continuously plot my death? :-)


  1. Leaving good thoughts for Blue. What a beautiful girl.

  2. We will keep Blue in our thoughts!! Blue is a cool looking cat:) My rat buddy Templeton just passed away, so I know it is hard to see a friend sick:( Give Blue some kisses for me.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry Blue is not feeling well. I am sending my very best purrs, and hope that the antibiotic will clear everything up.

  4. We'll be hoping it all turns out okay!

  5. Didn't you explain the rules of 2009 to Blue? No getting sick! I've got a good feeling and am sending those good vibes your way. She's the toughest cat ever and since you're still alive, it's obvious that her work here is not yet done. Go Blue!

  6. Marley and I are sending get well vibes. We hope Blue feels less blue soon.

  7. Good thoughts and powerful pitty juju headed Blue's way...


  8. Here's hoping Blue gets better soon! Hugs, kisses and whatever else she likes coming her way from me and the menagerie!

  9. Blue is in our thoughts and pawyers!

  10. We will be keeping the kitty in our thoughts.


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