Mar 31, 2009

Tiny Tot

Nothing tans my ass more than seeing backyard breeder (BYB) ads for "teacup" dogs. First most, there is no such thing as a "teacup" dog. Secondly, I cannot stand it when they place the pups next to a can of Coke or, better yet, inside an actual teacup to emphasize how how tiny the dog is in real life.

Presenting Exhibit A:

and Exhibit B:

Carmela has decided that it's time they stop using the usual teacups and cans of Coke and move on to something more creative.

Why not a bottle of ranch dressing?

Or better yet, why not a bottle of olive oil?

Wait! Don't let the creativity juices stop flowing there! If you're going to advertise "apple head" chihuahuas, why not post them next to an apple scented candle?

I tried to pose Carmela in the typical "teacup" pose, but she wasn't having it...

"I'm not getting in there."

"Why don't YOU stuff your ass in there?"

But if you really want to be different, why not try something completely out of ordinary? Why not a sprinkler head?

"Ok, you've really lost your marbles now."

"I think the readers get the point now.
Enough with the charades!"

As you can see, this whole topic makes my head throb.

Carmela's about to pick up the phone and give these "breeders" a call...or report them to the IRS for all of that undeclared income I'm sure they conveniently forgot to declare on their taxes from the sale of these "teacup" puppies. She hasn't decided yet.


  1. Susan/cookiemonsterMarch 31, 2009 at 6:23 AM

    those pictures are hysterical! carmella looks less than thrilled:) you forgot to pose her next to a bottle of tequila!

  2. "Yeah, I need an air strike on some backyard teacup dog breeders ..."

  3. Carmela is adorable and such a great model. She out performs them all :)

  4. Hilarious! Can we have a similar set of pictures featuring Bruno, please?

  5. Yea Carmela, you go girl. My dream is to somehow stop all this backyard and unethical breeding! I would like to see Carmela next to Martini glass with 2 olives :)

  6. So many comparing.
    I get it now.
    Carmela is smaller than Bruno.

  7. This is great- nothing gets my 2 chihuahuas more angry than the phrase "teacup chihuahua." Way to go, Carmela, for showing those breeders how stupid they are!


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