Dec 13, 2008

Bouncing Back Bruno

Bruno is doing well today. The anesthesia has completely left his system and he's back to to his normal self.

Especially his eyes....which is a relief. The anesthesia for some reason made his eyes completely dilated and it was sort of creepy to look at his eyes. He looked like he either smoked some very special herb or was high on an acid trip.

Now I am engaged in a constant battle to keep his sock on. I really don't want to have to subject him to an Elizabethan Collar, but if he continues to rip the sock off and lick his stitches, then I will.

I realized that the news of Bruno's tumor was not explained very well by me. During one of Ryan's and Bruno's famous wrestling sessions, Ryan discovered a lump on Bruno's left forearm. When it comes to lumps and bumps, I don't mess around; I quickly made a vet appointment and we were seen the next day.

My vet said it could be a type of tumor that bully breeds (and especially predominantally white dogs) often develop and most often from exposure to the sun. The vet did not like the location, feel and size of the lump and recommended excising it right away. Due to the vascular and muscular structure of the forearm, it was possible that as the lump grew bigger, it could possible develop into the muscle and have its own set of vascular connections constructed by Bruno's body. The tumor was quickly lasered off and sent to be biopsied.

It is in times like these that I love my vet.

It is in times like these that I hate waiting.

Hopefully, the results of the biopsy will come back quickly and I can finally exhale.

If there's ever a lesson I have learned from this, it is that I will give all of The Mafiosos a daily rundown with my hands all over their bodies. This way, I will be ahead of the lump game!

Bruno will also most likely have to wear sunblock from now on. He has to protect his sensitive pink skin. ;-)

Alright, enough technical stuff...onto the fun part. :-)

Even though the rule is no dogs allowed on the couch, today I made an exception. I could not say no to his pitiful face.

Ryan also shared a waffle with Bruno this morning. Bruno is now exclaiming "But I had a tumor and could have died...and will die if I don't have [insert item wanted here]!!"

Enjoy it while you can B-Man!

Thank you to everyone who has sent their prayers, good thoughts and juju our way. I know I've asked a lot from every one first with Blue and now with Bruno. I appreciate every thought and tear sent our way. Opening my inbox to see numerous emails wishing Bruno the best has helped me tremendously to keep staying positive. Thank you!


  1. It is not a collar - it is a pawtini glass with a dog's head in it.

    Bussie Kissies

  2. The only good thing about having a hurty is getting all the extra treats and special favors! And you deserve them, Bruno.

  3. As I've visited your blog, I've found a special place in my heart for that big meathead - especially since I have two Great Danes and big dog love is like no other! Thank you for sharing your family with us and I'm certainly keeping my fingers crossed for Bruno and Blue! Must be the B names, eh?

  4. It's good that your vet is so proactive. We're still hoping it turns out to be benign!

  5. Hey way to go Big B! I never get to get on the couch couch! Oh and don't worry about the sun block thing, I have to wear it too!


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