Dec 22, 2008

Did You Know?

That they make life vests for 3lbs dogs?

Did you know that a 3lb Chihuahua cannot be stopped from barking at squirrels even if she is wearing said life vest?

Did you know that a 3lb Chihuahua will totally bark at you and demand that you stop taking her picture?

"Will you stop dressing me up already?
If you want something to dress up,
have a kid already!!"

Did you know that Bruno will do anything for a cookie?

And by anything, I mean even wearing Carmela's life vest on his freakishly large head??


  1. hello bruno its dennis the vizsla dog hay i -- hayyy!!!!! wot did yoo do with carmela?! shes owt their sumware withowt her life vest?!?! yoo shud be ashaymd!!!! in fakt i think yoo shud giv me evry singul cookie yoo got wile yoo were waring her life vest on yore hed ok bye

  2. That is the tiniest little life vest I have ever seen! So cute!

  3. I think that Carmela might be smaller than a squirrel! oh nice hat Bruno, what? it's not a hat?

  4. Oh Bruno....
    I'm LOL.
    Big time.


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