Dec 11, 2008

We Are Home

We're home. We're crying. It's been a rough year for our furkids.

Bruno had 3 times the normal anesthesia dose for a dog his size. His giant muscle mass made it almost impossible for him to go under. He is not feeling too hot as he comes out of it.

We will know in 3 days what type of tumor was removed. Please keep us in your thoughts. The one word we want to hear is BENIGN!!!

The tumor was removed via a laser, so any surrounding areas that were even thinking of getting lumpy were also hit. Take that stupid tumor cells!!

In the meantime, Bruno says he's ready to go outside and pan handle in order to help pay this year's vet bills. ;-)

"Excuse me...could you spare
any cookies, er, I mean change?"


  1. Oh no, Mary. This is just awful; one more awful thing in a year of hard situations. We are concentrating on sending the strongest juju that Bruno is all right, that the tumour is benign, and that the time until you get that news goes by quickly. We're even praying, which is not something we usually do. We are thinking of you, and sending hugs and brown dog kisses, especially to you and Bruno and Ryan. Dammit, he WILL be all right.

  2. I hate waiting for biopsy results. They seem to take forever.

    The last time Tucker was put under, for a teeth cleaning, he moaned and groaned and flopped around the rest of the day after coming out of the anesthesia. I guess it just doesn't agree with some dogs. (Or people.)

  3. Yes, it has been a rough year. Let's hope 2009 brings better times! Thank you for praying and sending good thoughts our way.

    Bruno's doing OK so far. He let me know that he's not drunk enough to stand up for dinner. And there ain't nothing that will stop him from getting his dinner! So that made me smile.

    And Dennis, no, you haven't missed much. We just discovered this lump two days ago and brought Bruno to the vet's. Thank goodness we did so quickly!

  4. I am at work. I am crying. Partly because I am sad and scared for you and partly because there are no good vibes left in my soul...cuz I sent them all to Bruno.

  5. Daisy and Roscoe and Sprocket and I are all sending you lots of love and prayers. Waiting for the results is such a drag, please let us know! I know how you feel about the bills, but we love them sooo much don't we?

  6. Oh ans Daisy sez: hey Bruno I will bring you all those big Milk bones mom gets that I don't like. You can sell those for some big bucks!

  7. Bruno, if it makes you feel better, you can yank my collar when we wrestle the next time I see you. I promise to not make a peep. Deal?

    ~Mr. Bison

  8. Bruno your coat is beeuteeful. I hope you feel better soon. If you're in Michigan anytime I'll give you a cookie.


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