Dec 31, 2008

A Brand New Year - 2009

This is the year I have been waiting for. A year where everything is 2,009 times better than 2008. No more sick animals, no more family drama, no more anything negative!

As always, it's about that time to make New Year's resolutions. Whether we keep them or not, it's still part of the tradition of ringing in a new year, right? I'm not going to even bother making any, because well, we all know I won't keep any. ;-) But The Mafiosos seems to each have one resolution for this new year.

Bruno promises to try and shrink his FLH (freakishly large head). He wants it to be normal-sized by this March so a St. Patrick's Day hat will finally look normal on him.

Carmela promises to stop hiding in places where I can't find her.

Vinnie says this is the year he will achieve his Canine Good Citizen title.
It's been long enough!

Gino says he promises to stop eating earthworms when it rains outside. He says it was funny hearing me scream as he ate them, but now he kind of feels bad for me, so he's going to stop doing that.

I asked the three cats what they resolved to do this year and they all looked at me and laughed. They said "We are cats; we never promise do to anything." Although I think I did hear Blue say that she promises to not get sick every again like she did this year. It was barely a whisper, so I could have been hearing things.

"You heard no such thing, crazy lady!"

2009 is going to the year that makes up for 2008. I pity the fool that tries to stop that! :-)


  1. Happy New Year! I am certain that 2009 will be a great year!

  2. I see Carmela is trying a new method of surfing the Internet ...

    Happy New Year!

  3. Hmmm. Those are good resolutions! I think mom is promising not to buy any more exploding blankies, pillow or stuffies.

  4. Happy New year!!!
    Your Dogs/Cats sure no how to pick there new years resolutions. There definitely better than mine!

  5. I'm with you about 2008 sucking!! From the start it was bad news! All the mafiosos have great resolutions. I especially like Vinnie's because I was thinking the same about Bison, it's about time he get his CGC! Maybe we can encourage each other since they are pretty much ready. Right?

    Happy New Year!!


  6. I'm rather fond of Brunos' FLH.


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