Dec 8, 2008

Carmela's Closest...

Fawn was very nice to send Carmela some fashionable evening gear. In case Carmela receives an invitation to a holiday party in the next few weeks, she'll be ready to go in this designer cheetah print dress!

In addition, Fawn sent Carmela some fashionable collars!

Fawn's gift had me in stitches. Only Fawn would be able to find a cheetah print dress! :-p

Ok, cue up that RuPaul video again! Because Carmela is about to work it, girl!

"How do I look?"

"How about from this angle?
Does this make my butt look fat?"

"Wait...don't answer that!"

"How about the collars?
Do they look alright?"

"Now I can totally show my support
for my friend Parker!"

Thank you Fawn!!


  1. You're ready for the red carpet, all right!

  2. Oh Carmela, that leopard print is so you! I love seeing you model.

  3. Haha...Carmela looks precious! Ok, how many outfits does she have now? I think you might need to get her an armoire to store them all. Ikea trip?


  4. Roscoe is in love.....

  5. Oh, Carmela! Roscoe's quite a catch!

    I think Carmela's wardrobe is even bigger than The Girl's is! BOL!

    Brown dog kisses,


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