Dec 5, 2008

You Better Work It!

Carmela received a very generous gift. Bison's Grandmother passed along lots of clothes that no longer fit her dachshund puppy.

I also had a realization that 99.9% of Carmela's expanding wardrobe has come from friends buying or donating clothes. That is my punishment for declaring "Never will I dress Carmela! NEVER!"

Turns out that I do have to dress Carmela. Not for fashion's sake, but for warmth's sake. If I take her out on a walk with the boys and the grass is wet, she shivers and you can hear her bones rattle. I asked my vet about this and my vet said in very tiny dogs, prolonged exposure to the cold burns lots of energy. This can lead to low blood sugar and eventually shock.

Well, if I am going to be categorized in the "Crazy Woman Who Dresses Her Dog" group, I might as well let you readers revel in the craziness!

And hence, we begin Carmela's Fashion Show!

(It is extremely neccesary to play the following video as you scroll down to see the pictures!)

First up, we have this classy green ensemble. It has such a warm covering for the neck area and an gorgeous snowflake appropriate for the upcoming holiday season.

Just as warm is this cute little Argyle number. The cream color matches perfectly with Carmela's cream- tipped toes.

In case it is very cold outside, we have this outfit which provides complete body coverage. Once again, it would seem that Argyle just loves Carmela!

We also have this cool little vest/harness's perfect for when it's semi-chili outside but the sun is out in full force.

This puffy down jacket has become a favorite. I will guarantee you that soon, every Chihuahua on your block will be wearing a jacket like this!

No seriously, this is my favorite jacket. It has this cool slit in the back for her leash and keeps her really warm. So warm, that I will sometimes pick her up and shove my hands in the jacket for a little warmth. Hehehehe...

Next up is the Street Cred series. Just because Carmela looks very serious in Argyle doesn't mean you shouldn't take her serious! She's willing to throw it down every once in a while and wants you to know she "knows" people from the hood.

No, really, she does!

Still not convinced??

How about now?

"Yo yo yo! Word up, homie!"

"You causing static, bro?"

"Just remember!
Don't write a check
your ass can't cash!"

"What?? What are you looking at?"

"If you're dogging me,
you better be prepared to scrap!"

"I warned you!!!"

"Who you tryin' to get crazy with, esé?!
Don't you know I'm loco?!"


  1. Susan (cookiemonster)December 5, 2008 at 1:16 PM

    OMG! this is seriously one of the funniest entries EVER! i love the music:)

  2. Hahahah....I didn't realize my mom gave Carmela so many outfits! And the fit is freaking perfect!! Not to mention that she looks adorable in every sweater! I love the music playing while I read Carmela walking down the run way. Excellente!!! I'll be sure to forward this post to my mom--she'll really enjoy it. Thanks :)


  3. ROFLOL!!!! (that was mom) I actually am quite jealous of all those cute clothes!!! I get cold but I can't find a thing in my size!!! (we are glad you are back, were worried when we couldn't find one of our absolutley fav blogs)!

  4. Whoa! I am in awe of those fabulous fashions and Carmela's beautiful new fashions and modeling skills!

  5. "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it huuuuuuurts ..."


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