Nov 21, 2008

An Angry Blue Cat

If you've ever wonder what a pissed off, force-fed cat looks like, wonder no more!

I am not very good at force-feeding. Ryan has the kitty burrito technique down was better than I do...I end up with cat food either all over me or all over Blue. The rest of the cat food (about 20 cc's) I manage to get into Blue.

"Seriously, you better sleep
with one eye open tonight."

"How the hell do you manage to get
cat food in my ears?!"

"I hate you.
Like, REALLY hate you.
I want my Daddy."

"Leave my room now!"

What I wish Blue would understand is that I do not enjoy cramming food down her throat. If she'd eat on her own, we could eliminate this procedure entirely. Alas, the only way to combat Fatty Liver Disease is to eat, eat and then eat some more. Please, Blue, eat!


  1. Silly Blue! You must eat girl! You need your strength! How else do you think you will be able to push your mommy's Ipod into the litter box??


  2. That look on her face with food on the side of her mouth is priceless. I feel for you both. I like that kitty burrito idea. Genius!! Hey--her ears don't look as yellow as they used to. Ms. Blue is on her way to recovery.

  3. Trouble the kitty has that look on her face pretty much constantly ...

  4. Poor Blue! We wishes he would eat and will send pawsitive kitty "im hungry" thoughts to her!


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