Nov 30, 2008

Sleep With The Fishes!!!

Dear Ferrero Rocher Chocolates,

Thank you so ever much for making a commercial that includes a very realistic door bell sound. My dogs totally do not go berserk thinking someone is at the door. No, not at all! Mass chaos totally does not ensue in my house at the start of your commercial!


Your Biggest Fan

The Mafiosos would like to thank Dennis the Vizsla for reminding us how much we hate this commercial.


  1. Our guys used to lose their minds whenever a Domino's commercial came on. They seem to have finally realized that it's on television. We'll see what happens if we ever catch the Ferror Rocher commercial!

  2. We do the same thing for any commericals with doorbells! We think we have friends visisting and must bark and great them at the door!

  3. Nacho the cow-huahuaDecember 3, 2008 at 7:40 PM

    I absolutely DREAD this commercial every holiday season. My chihuahua goes absolutely ballistic for about 15 minutes afterwards, and the commercial starts with a doorbell, so it's not even like you can get to the mute button!


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