Nov 27, 2008

Gobble! Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you have a marvelous Day of Thanks!

The Mafiosos are thankful for many things. Vinnie is very thankful for the box of cat poo treats I keep for him. He doesn't understand that I do not keep a litter box for his personal use of a snack tray!

"Whatever. I know you keep that litterbox
for my own personal enjoyment!"

Bruno and Gino would tell you they are thankful for an endless supply of cookies, but they are too lazy to get up at the moment. Currently, they are passed out stone cold from a long hike we took the crew on.

Carmela is thankful for her initiation to The Canine Mafia. She's very thankful to have three boys to boss around.

"Yeah, whatever.
What time is the turkey being served?"

From my crew to yours...

we wish you a most happy holiday!

Keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving! Please visit this site for some friendly reminders on how to keep your dog safe this holiday:


  1. I like the new header picture of the 4 cuties!

    I can totally see Vinnie being thankful for kitty rocca! hah!

  2. Don't remind me that I have 4 dogs LOL!!

    I wish Carmela could be better seen in the picture. But she kept telling me "What is this word 'stay' that you keep repeating??" ha ha!

  3. HAppy Thanksgiving to all the Mafioso's!!!


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