Nov 12, 2008

Trusting A Mafioso Is Never A Good Thing

I sometimes take for granted that Vinnie and Bruno have been with us since the time they were four months old. They are pretty trustworthy around high value items, such as the the trash can. This gives me a false of security with the other two rescued Mafiosos.

So when my Mom gave me a new fruit basket, I thought nothing of it to move it to a new location. It's two-tiered, so my usual spot didn't have enough clearance for the second level.

I expected some curiosity from The Mafiosos. And I got it...

What I DID NOT expect was this!

Someone helped themselves to a nice, juicy peach from the fruit basket!

That someone's name is spelled G-I-N-O.

Lesson learned! The fruit basket is now in an area that is unreachable to paws.

And I guess I should thank Gino for always keeping me on my toes. :-)


  1. hello mafiosi its dennis the vizsla dog hay if that had been my brother tucker wot stole the peech yoo wudnt even hav fownd the pit he is that thoro ha ha ok bye

  2. Do you like fruit? Roscoe does too. not me!

  3. You know this sort of gives me hope, I mean if a dog trainer's dog can steal peaches, then I don't feel so bad about Red jumping onto the kitchen table to eat the cat food! LOL

    Silly pups always keeping us on our toes!


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