Nov 5, 2008

Married to MacGyver

Ryan is MacGyver. There is just no limit to what he can create with limited resources. For example, take The Case of Limited Space For A Second Litterbox.

Our "master" bathroom is someone's idea of a cruel joke. It is no bigger than a shoe box. I thought maybe we should put a litterbox in our bathroom for Blue so she won't have to travel as far. But where to put it? In the shower? On top of the toliet? Really, there is no room in there to place a litterbox on the floor.

But wait! Ryan manages to stick a litterbox in a place I would have never thought of...under the sink!

He removed the doors and cleared out everything there to make room for a small litterbox. He even was thoughtful enough to put a curtain for a covering. Ok, who am I kidding? He probably just wanted to make sure Blue had privacy. :-)

Now excuse me while I go check Ryan's pockets for a Swiss Army knife... :-)


  1. Ryan is so inventive! He surprised us with his mad angles when helping us tile the window sill in the shower. Good idea for Blue to have a litter box closer. You da bestest mommy! :)


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