Nov 1, 2008

The Artist Formerly Known As Blue

She is now known as Yellow. ;)

Blue came home yesterday! Our kitty is finally back with us and we are praying that her road to recovery is fast and steady. She immediately came home and wolfed down some canned food. That is a great change from her barely wanting to eat at the vet's. She kept her food down and is alternating between sleeping on our bed and her favorite perch on the cat furniture.

You know why God invented credit cards? So you could charge $
2,749.59 in emergency vet treatment for your precious cat. Worth every penny and I will sucker punch anyone who dare says "That much for just a cat??"


Dear Family Members Who Read This Blog,

I think King Diamond's song says it best: "
There's no presents, not this Christmas. There's no presents..."

You have our full permission to blame Blue.


Mary and Ryan

"If you say one thing about my stitches,
the clawing off of your face will be confirmed."

(her stitches glow in the dark! ha!)

Why does Blue have pink stitches? She developed a large cyst on her head and it was removed while she was under anesthesia for her ultrasound. She kind of looks like a monk, but she can't fool anyone about being holy!

"So, what's for breakfast?"

(you can really see how yellow her ears are here)

"I see that Chihuahua still lives here.
She'll be the first one I beat up tomorrow."

"You may go now. You're dismissed."

"Is she really going to beat me up tomorrow?!"

Thank you for all of your prayers, juju and well wishes. We needed all of it to pull through from this yucky disease. Blue did eat like a pig when she got home and we need her to keep on eating. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts until Blue is finally out of the woods. We seem to have a few more trees to pass up before we finally have this Fatty Liver Disease beat!


  1. pobrecita chihuahua looks on in terror as the amazing blue comes home. welcome home, blue!

  2. Yay for Blue!

    And, for God's sake, don't put the word "formerly" in a post about a sick fuzzy. My heart dropped!

  3. Yay, so glad that Blue is home again! Hopefully now the recoup will go as planned :) Sending a daily dose of juju and hungry tummy your way!

  4. Welcome home TAFKAB! Hey while we're talking, you really should think about getting back together with The Revolution ...

  5. Welcome home Blue. hey we aren't getting any Christmas presents either. Mom spent about $3,000 on Sprocket a bout a month ago when he had a stoke and had to go to the Nuerologists. And he didn't even breing home any treats! Hey I think Carmela might need a bigger blanket.


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