Nov 3, 2008

Blue Monday

All of that good juju is definitely flowing our way as Blue is recovering.

Blue is still very yellow, but we were warned it could be months before the yellow coloring completely goes away.

She is still resting heavily and spends her days on the cat tree. She even played with her favorite feather toy for just a few minutes.

Blue is also very proud of her stitches. She's constantly showing them to me, as if trying to make me remember she is one tough cookie and not to be messed with. Don't worry, Blue. I know I am last on the totem pole!

Although she's a little lethargic, the fact that she still musters the energy to give me her famous Evil Eye is a sure sign she will kick this hepatic lipodosis on its evil tushie!


  1. kitteh says "get that flash box outta mah grill!" lol wow, she is truly yellow - what causes that? the disease or the meds? doesn't yellow and blue make green, hur!

    glad to see the evil ojo! lovin kitteh biscuits blue!

  2. Oh, it is so good to know that Blue is at home and on the mend! We'll keep the good thoughts going 'til she's completely better.

    Brown dog kisses,

  3. We are happy to see Blue home and on the mend. Yea!


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