Oct 3, 2008

Beach Bums: Carmela and Gino

Gino is such a nice big brother to Carmela. This was Carmela's first trip with us to the beach and Gino was there to guide her.

"First thing you do when you get here,"
explains Gino, "is run really fast."

"Run as fast as your little legs will take you!" encourages Gino

Great. Thanks to Gino's advice, now Carmela flies, too.


"Next, we check out the water," says Gino.

"Yeah, no thanks!" says Carmela
I'd like to stay warm!"

"But it's only barely freezing!" shouts Gino

"Ma, why doesn't Carmela trust me?
Is it become of the sand on my face?
That's it, huh?"

"Nah," says Vinnie.
"It's cuz youse ugly."

"No," replies Carmela.
"It's because you are a stinky black Pug.
You smell like stinky gym shoes.

Not to be outdone, Carmela and Gino also
leave behind their autograph at Dillon Beach.


  1. Y'know, I'd never given Chihuahuas a second thought before, but the way you portray Carmela as athletic and as a little DOG, not a little creature in a handbag, has really made me reconsider. A rescue Chi may very well be on my list of "dogs I'd like to own someday," now. Thanks for broadening my horizons!

  2. We love your photos and these beach pictures are so cute! Daisy says she has never been to a beach!!!

  3. I just love these pictures! Carmela is fitting in so well, and I just love seeing her romping on the beach with the boys!


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