Oct 15, 2008

Random Boys

"Please take us the school yard to romp.
We've been very good Mafiosos today."

"But leave Bruno behind. He's been a very bad Mafioso.
He keeps taking the fallen mistletoe and ripping it to shreds."

"Hey, Ma! Look! This is how Pugs run.
All cute and composed, with out little button ears pointed at you."

"Now look, Ma! This is how Bruno runs!
Like a big dummy! Ha ha!"

That's not very nice, Mafiosos. Apologize to your big brother.

"Sorry, Meathead.
You actually look more goofy when you run,
but we can't quite capture your idiotic expression."

"Not true! I look cool when I run!"

And just because we haven't had one of these in a while...


Seriously?! Frog legs?? Only at the Good Ol' California State Fair!

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  1. We tagged all the mafioso's over at our site!!!


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