Oct 20, 2008

Grass Monkeys!

Pugs are highly easy to entertain. You can create just about any game as long as the game includes something edible and Pugs are willing to play.

Case in point: The Grass Game.

Throw grass in the air, and The Pugs will launch themselves as if pieces of bacon were being flung.

Bruno thinks this game is really lame and that Pugs are stupid. After all, a stick is waaaaaaay better than grass being flung at you!

Bruno does admit that the upside to this game is watching The Pugs make themselves looks like fools. Usually, they don't have to try too hard, but whenever they play this game, they exemplify foolishness!

(Gino throws in some tinkle toes action in this shot!)

You can laugh at The Pugs as they pull out defensive moves...

Or as the whip out Matrix-style moves...

You can laugh at them when they try to use their tongue for extra leverage...

Okay, Vinnie, I think you went just a little too far with the using the tongue thing. This is just downright freaky!

But overall, you can just laugh. That's what Pugs are for!


  1. hello mafiosi its dennis the vizsla dog hay thoze ar sum pretty funny pikchers but lets try to fokus heer now did sumbuddy say baykon??????? mmmmmm baykon ok bye

  2. Ha ha ha... grrreat shots!

    Love them twinkle toes and matrix moves!


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