Oct 6, 2008

Beach Bums In Action!

Ryan took a small video of some crazy lady and The Canine Mafia at Dillon Beach. For those of you that were wondering how small Carmela really is (or even perhaps how large Bruno really is!), this might give you an idea.


  1. Ha, that's great! I love all the tracking shots of the various dogs!

  2. When you said "crazy lady" I thought you were lucky enough to encounter another "Gigi" momma like the one from Bannister Park. Good to know it's only the one Ryan hearts. ha! You need to add a video of Bruno fetching logs...now that's a sight to see! I'm entertained every time I watch him.

    BTW, love the new banner :)

  3. Really beautiful image.
    I love this photo and dog.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Bruno is such a big beautiful boy.. I think you would enjoy the videos of Ramsey (Doberman) and Pablo (Chihuahua)..they are quite funny and the antics of an unlikely pair in size; http://www.youtube.com/cwdressen
    The new family banner is great!

  5. you are SO lucky to have beach access!

  6. What a happy family!

  7. This is the best! I love getting to see them live in action! They really are such an awesome group of pups!

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