Oct 23, 2008

Blue Update

I was able to see Blue today. She is completely yellow. Ironic that a cat named after a color ends up being the wrong one.

She perked up when she saw me and I stayed for an hour petting her to her heart's content. She can't come home yet. She can't be released until she starts to show interest in food on her own; until then, she is being force-fed.

As you can guess, she is not happy about the forced-feedings.

I had a pep talk with her. I told her she needs to eat so she can come home soon. She heard what I had to say, then promptly went to go hang out in the sink. Huh?!

All the juju and prayers everyone is sending our way seems to be working. If she's feeling spunky enough to hang out in the sink, then she's fighting these horrible disease.

Tomorrow, she has an appointment with an ultrasound specialist. An opaque area was found in her x-rays right underneath her liver and the vet wants to rule out a tumor. Please say a small prayer for Blue during 9:30 AM as this is when her ultrasound is scheduled. We'll even take miracles. Anything you can send our way is greatly appreciated. ;-)


  1. We are sending all of our good thoughts to Blue and to all of you.

    Brown dog kisses,

  2. Blue most definitely does not look happeh! Lots of love n kisses for ya there girl, and juju too!

  3. Lots of purrs and purrayers and juju for Blue!

  4. hello mafiosi its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that pooh bear liked to hang owt in the sink too it must be a cat thing ok bye

  5. We are sending lots of pit bull prayers and good thoughts to Blue!


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