Oct 19, 2008

Six Dogs, One House

The Mafiosos have some visitors this weekend. Bison and Lindsay, their cousins, are visiting us for the weekend while their parents attend a wedding. Today is the last day of their extended stay.

Bison is so happy to be here, you can totally see it in his face:

He's actually very happy to be here, he's just so pooped out from all the wrestling with Bruno. Don't let that face fool you. ;-)

Lindsay keeps asking me why the cats are off limits. I keep trying to tell her it's because they will claw her eyes out, but I keep forgetting Lindsay's deaf. Let's just say that this weekend I've been using the "No" signal (waving my index finger back and forth) a lot!

However, if you manage to catch Lindsay not moving (which has happened a total of two times the entire time she's been here...and I'm not kidding!), she ends up looking ridiculously cute.

Lindsay is taking the job of making sure my yard is eradicated of all squirrels very seriously, even when she is indoors. I made sure to thank her appropriately in the form of lots of biscuits.

This weekend was the first time Carmela met her cousins. She did better than I thought she would. She was a little hesitant of Bison, especially when Bison play bowed her and began a chase game. But she's accepted him as part of the family.

Carmela was more than accepting of Lindsay. In fact, she's in love with Lindsay. I actually caught Carmela being polite, which is a turn from her bossy ways with the boys!

"Excuse me, Cousin Lindsay...
do you mind if I join you on this cuddly bed
for an afternoon nap?"

"Cousin Lindsay is so nice, Ma!
I really like her."

Trust me, this is NOT how Carmela treats the boys. She's usually very bossy and pushy when it comes to the sharing of the beds.


Speaking of Carmela and her ways...

This morning I decided to try taking the cat bell off of her. She's pretty much stopped trying to get into places she shouldn't and I don't need to keep such close tabs on her that much anymore. And then she found a new place she shouldn't be and wouldn't come when I kept calling her. She finally let out a little sneeze and that's when I realize she was in my desk. Yup, IN my desk.

Back to the cat bell we go!


  1. I said it once before, but I can't help repeating myself: you and Carmela have totally won me over on the Chihuahua front. The way you treat her like, you know, a DOG (not a handbag)---she comes off as such a great little pal. Next time I'm in the market, I'm going to seriously consider typing "Chihuahua" into Petfinder.

    Another great post, and great photos. That last one is just plain flat-out the most adorable thing I've seen today.

  2. hello dogfathers its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is verry nice of yoo to shayr yore howse with yore cuzzins for the weekend oh and lindsay yoo wer just brillyant as the fantom in the fantom of the opera with yore littel mask and all ok bye

  3. You are a saint to have my fur kids stay with you for two days. I can't thank you enough for taking care of them!! They were so pooped last night, they went straight to bed and didn't wake up till morning.

    I see Lindsay broke you and decided she your couch was her new sleeping post. She's pretty good at convincing you to do something you really don't want to.


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