Oct 29, 2008

That Nagging Feeling...

Ever get that nagging feeling?

And the more you ignore it,
the louder the feeling seems to get in your head?

Gino refuses to be called a nag.
He likes to term "Friendly Reminder" better.

Well, at least Blue seems to know what I'm talking about. She always feels like there's someone silently nagging her too.


  1. "Sit up straight. Stop drooling. Stop farting. For God's sake close your mouth. Stop panting. I said stop farting!!!"

  2. Oh, I like friendly reminder better, too! I think I'll just take that as my own...

    It looks like Blue is doing well! We're furry glad to see it!

    Brown dog kisses,

  3. Oh how I wish Blue was well again. I actually post my blogs about a month in advance and that photo was taken months ago. I would give anything in the world to have her here tonight.


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