Oct 9, 2008

The Persian Mafia Made An Offer Carmela Couldn't Refuse

A package arrives...addressed to Carmela. I start to worry. Is it the Corgi next door sending her a mail bomb for all the trash talking she does through the fence? Could it be something expensive she ordered online while I was at work?

I quickly check my credit card statement to make sure she hasn't ordered anything expensive. Nope, credit card is safe and no charges have been made!

There appears to be a message in the package.
It reads:

"The Persian Mafia felt that as a new member of the Mafiosos, Carmela needed a collar that matched her new role as a take no prisoners Chi, and it was pink so we knew it was perfect! Welcome to your new home Carmela!!

-- From your mafia members out in North Carolina. :)"


The Persian Mafia sent us a gift! They recognized us!

Top Row from left: Sophie, Dee Doo, High Cotton
Bottom Row from left: Pansy, Miss Wiggles, Bella, and Sweet Pea

Can't wait to see what it looks like!

It's perfect! A pink skull and crossbones collar!

And it fits perfectly!

Thank you Persian Mafia! You are most generous! Carmela loves it and it suits her to a tee!


  1. Cousin Carmela, now you are a true Bad Ass!


  2. Wow look at all those cats! Nice collar Carm, hey pinks my color too!

  3. We are glad that you like your gift, you are now an official West Coast Mafia member! Make us proud!

  4. What a perfect collar for Carmela! The perks of being a Mafioso... :)

    Brown dog kisses,

  5. Congratulations on being a made dog, Carmela!

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