Oct 1, 2008

Beach Bum: Vinnie

"Double Woo-hoo!
The beach!!" shouts Vinnie.

"I love the beach.
I do my best road runner impersonations here!"

"I can also just let my tongue hang out!"

"What do you mean I do that all the time anyway?"

"I can also peel out faster on the sand.
Gino hates that because he can't catch me.

"Carmela was right! You are a stinky black Pug!
A slow, stinky black Pug!"

"Oh shoot!
Gino's catching up!"

"Better slam on my brakes to throw him off!"

"Can we live here on the beach, Ma?
Pretty please?"


  1. LOL ... If our dogs had their way, I think we would move into a tent on Fiesta Island.

  2. You are so lucky to have a beach place to go! We don't have anything like that near us.

  3. I love watching your crew at the beach!

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl

  4. I could look at pictures of Vinnie and Gino's antics all day long! They are seriously the cutest pair! It looks like they had an absolute blast at the beach!


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