Sep 30, 2008

Carmela Receives Mail

Miss Thang today received a present in the mail from our good friend Benny. It's a shirt that appropiately says "Yield To The Princess."

She wears it proudly! It's like a uniform!

Thanks, Benny!

Carmela shall strut her stuff in full style thanks to you. :-)

If you have a moment, please be sure to visit The North Carolina Saint Bernard Rescue. Benny works tirelessly to rescue Saints in need. If you have any spare pennies, and can part with them, a donation to the NC Saint Bernard Rescue would help greatly. For those of us that are tight on cash, perhaps we can part with a few collars that are laying around or old leashes and towels...the rescue can always use these. :-)


  1. Would that be "yield to the MAFIA princess?" ;-)

  2. I'm glad she likes it.

    Thanks for the kudos about the rescue. ;-)

  3. Well we really like that very pretty pink T shirt!!! Looks a little big tho, maybe it would fit me!


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