Sep 14, 2008

She's a Tomboy!

"Play with me! Play with me!
Come on! Notice me!" screams Gino.

"No. You are a stinky boy," replies Carmela.

"Fine. Let's do this MY way!" says Carmela.

"Catch me if you can, you stinky black Pug!"

"See how fast I run?"

"You should enter me in the races!
I could earn my keep!"

"So what's a gal gotta do to join The Mafia?"

Get ready to laugh your ass off...

"Aaaaaaaayyyyyyy! GO away! Go away!
MA!!! She's chasing me! Make her go away!!!!"


  1. Welcome to the family, Carmela. Make sure your momma sends my momma your Christmas wish list along with your mafioso bros.

  2. Wow ... somebody who makes Gino look big!

  3. Next to Carmella, even Gino has a FLH! It's contagious!!!

    Stay away from me, Bruno!

  4. LOL! Carmela is the PERFECT name!! She fits in perfectlY!

  5. Hahahahahahaha! Carmela is going to give the Mafiosos a run for their money, for sure! Poor Bruno!

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl


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