Sep 7, 2008

Rhymes With Schutzhund

(Seriously, what rhymes with schutzhund?!)

This weekend, I attended a schutzhund competition with some friends. It was good to get out and see some dogs with serious working drives in action.

These dogs are hardcore workaholics.

They move with such finesse and it so amazing to watch.

My next dog is so going to be a Doberman. No questions about it.

See, I can train it to attack Ryan when Ryan refuses to follow my every command. Just like this...

No, seriously. I would never do that. Yet.

I am glad I went because my new mantra for the week is "Take A Bite Out of Life!"


  1. Great action shots! The schutzhunds remind me of Trixie a little.

  2. I agree, these are some great action shots. I'd hate to be the person in the suit :) Glad you guys came over today...we had fun :)

  3. Very cool pictures! But you're a liar, your next dog will be a Chihuahua!!! Hhahahahaha!


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