Sep 11, 2008

Now The Fun Part...

You didn't really think I'd leave you with a bath time post without some water shaking shots did you?! I saved the best for last!

Let's have a contest...who makes the best faces while trying to shake off all excess water. Place your bets!

Bruno's entries:

The My Face Is Melting Look

The Parker Wombat Imitation Look

The This Requires One Eye Closed Look

The I Might Be Trying To Grow A Snout Look

Gino's entries:

The Grumpy Shake Look

The Using My Ears To Defy Gravitational Force Look

The Mini Jowls Look

The Throwing In The Neck Muscles Look

Vinnie's entries:

The Using My Tongue Look

The Using My Tongue II Look

The Using My Tongue III Look

Just a warning...Vinnie would like to add that anyone that does NOT vote for him might find himself wearing cement shoes. Don't make him unleash Evil Pug on you!

Because he will! He's watching!


  1. Ha, those are great action shots. And Bruno, the trick to not having your face melt is that you have to not look at the Ark when it's opened!!!

  2. Well I'm interested in the Vinnie model.

    I wonder if they make that lawn sprinkler in a Saint Bernard?

    I see where the garden hose attaches....


    Cute pics.

  3. We love them all! Thanks for posting these pawsome pics!

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl


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