Sep 2, 2008

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread...

"Yes, the news is true," says Maggie.
"We are still only being feed raw premade patties."

"I might as well tell you that
I am a die hard kibble addict.
I need my grains like a pig needs mud."

"I think I'll squat here and protest
until we get our kibble back.
I'm sure I'll manage to trip someone."

"Leaving so soon?
Mind getting me a bag of kibble
on your way back?"

Regardless of what Maggie tells you, I am noticing a positive change in the cats. Before the switch, they were free fed kibble. I rarely saw them wanting to interact with me, (with the exception of Blue...she can always be found 10 centimeters from Ryan) and when I did, they kind of minded their own. They hardly ever wanted to play with me.

And then today, this!

And Maggie's energy levels are way up. She's hardly sleeping 23.999 hours anymore. She usually follows me from room to room now. I'm sure it's in anticipation that I'll bring out that hidden bag of kibble I have, but so far, she's much more clingy to me.

Molly's not taking it so well. She still puts up a fight, so I am still giving her the kibble sprinkled on top. I'll take it at her pace until we can eliminate the kibble.

And in case your wondering why there are hardly any Molly pics, it's because she is afraid of the camera. The minute I put it up to cover to my face, she runs. I'm not too sure if it's the fact that she can't see my face anymore that scares here, but I'm slowly working on getting her used to the camera = treats are coming your way. I know she's not a dog, but I'm all for bribery when it comes to cats. ;-)


  1. Awesome news!! I'll have to give that a try with Linus & Bella. I'm almost certain Linus can be swayed because he follows me like clockwork every morning and night for his wet food but Bella still won't touch wet. Only dry Innova. Sigh.

  2. "My name is Maggie and I'm a kibbleholic ..."

  3. My mom wants to get a kitty like you to bring home... I'm not so sure about this!


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