Sep 4, 2008

Riparian Mafiosos

The past week was crazy mad hot. The heat was in the triple digits for a few days straight and whenever this occurs, we head out to the river.

When we got there, it looked like a few dogs already had a party.

These were definitely hoodlum dogs...
They ate Ol' Roy!

"Seriously? There really is a brand called Ol' Roy?
We thought that was something you made up to scare us in line.
You know, when you say
'There are some dogs who have to eat bad food
the rest of their lives because blah blah...
the dog always misbehaves...blah blah blah.' "

"Ol' ROY?!?
WHERE?! I am so there!"

"You really can't blame him, Ma.
He still sometimes thinks he's feral."

It was so hot, that even Vinnie swam!
Don't ask me what happened to his life jacket.
I think he was skinny dipping!

A stick was a necessity for Bruno.
So was the black pug by his side at all times.

"Watch it with that stick, Meathead!"

"That's a little too close to my eyes, big-headed freak!"

Bruno tried to show off his big stick carrying skills...

Only to have Gino prove that anyone can do it!

Thankfully, the weather is now much cooler! My no-nosed dogs can finally come out when the sun is out and enjoy more adventures.


  1. It's important to always have a big stick with you because you never know when you might need to whack someone! And then you need your sidekick to provide an alibi ...

  2. Hmmmm. Isn't swimming like bathies? This is a concern I have, I have never been swimming. But it looks alot like baths!


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