Sep 8, 2008

The Dog That Made Me Age 10 Years

This dog was about to meet the tire of a Honda Civic on a Sunday evening. Luckily for me, I have a husband that immediately stops the truck, with no questions asked, when I yell "STOP THE TRUCK! CHIHUAHUA ON THE ROAD!!"

So now she is here. I don't know if I want to find her owners. I mean, I will try, but if I do, sometime will have to bail me out of jail for assault.

You see, when I find her owners, I'm going to unleash an ass whooping. This poor little girl is rail thin and her nails look like they might as well be Lee Press-On nails. Her dew claws were almost embedded in her paw.

She'll stay here until she's recovered from both physically and mentally. She's a little bit gun shy and needs to gain some confidence.

The Mafiosos are helping with her confidence. They are teaching her that if you hang around the humans long enough, someone might drop some tasty human food.

Gino already has cried favoritism.

"No fair! Why do you get to be on the couch?!"

"Because, foolio! I showed these humans my ferocious teeth
and they were scared of me! Grrrrr!"

The Pugs keep asking if she can stay.

"Can she stay, Mama? Huh?
Can she? Please??

I keep saying "No."

Why no pictures with her of Bruno? Well, Bruno says "She's freaking me out! She's too tiny to be a real dog! She's an alien robot!"

Chillax, Bruno. I can only work on one dog's fear at at time. :p


  1. What you mean? You keep saying "yes yes...she's a mafiosa!" Can't wait to follow her progress. I'll say it again, she is one lucky girl that you spotted her.

  2. hello mary its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow yoo ar verry nice to help that small alien robot dog thing i am shoor she wil be fine now that she is in a gud playse insted of the road wich is not a gud spot for a dog ok bye

  3. Well I think you should keep her!!! My mom says she would be very angery at little dogs mom for neglecing her! Good thing you came along!


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