Sep 9, 2008


When it is over 90 degrees outside, I give The Mafiosos a bath outside. It makes clean up much easier and I can easily access body parts that need to be washed. It's not easy trying to cram Bruno's huge butt (yes, butt, not head!) into the tub and maneuvering him around is not an easy feat. So washing him outside is much easier for the two of us.

Although The Mafiosos really get baths, today one was definitely needed. In the course of trying to pee in unison on a fire hydrant, Gino was accidentally baptized by Bruno's urine. Add to to the fact that's really hot outside and we've managed to create one smelly Pug.

I felt badly just giving Gino a bath. If his stinkage must be erased, then so must the entire gang's!

"Ha ha! You gets your stinkage taken off, too!"

"Oh God...
you're going to post this on the internets, aren't you?"

In case you've ever wondered what
one pissed off black Pug looks like...
Look no further!

"Is it really necessary for me to smell like Vanilla Egg Nog?
Why not something more manly, like Brute or even Old Spice?"

Now everyone smells all girly. Ha ha! My work here is done!


  1. Oh No! Not the dreaded baths!!!!!

  2. Rub-A-Dub-Dub! Mafiosos in the tub!!

    It looks like they enjoy baths just about as much as Red does!

    I had to laugh at the image of Bruno in the tub! Does he even fit? Ha Ha!

    Tell those boys they look cute even when they are wet! Especially Vinnie with that tongue!

  3. "Why do you wash me when you know it means I must kill you?"


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