Sep 24, 2008

This Is How We Eat

Carmela is now eating raw bones as part of her raw diet. Her little mouth is able to handle bones effectively, providing they aren't too large for her to get into her mouth. Currently, she can handle quail and Cornish game hens like nobody's business. Chicken wings, however, are too large for her.

This morning, as I was feeding the crew, I got a great chuckle out of the size difference of the dogs' meals.

While we are on the topic of raw, can someone please tell my dogs that never again will I thaw whole roosters in my tub for them? This past weekend, I scored an awesome deal on a case of whole roosters. And by whole, I mean whole: beaks, heads, feet and all! We thawed them in the tub to expedite cutting them up into manageable pieces. Now, everywhere I look, I see minuscule feathers from the thawing process!

Ryan kept harassing me to take a picture of all 40 roosters thawing in the tub and post it on the blog. But I spared you all from that sight! I ixnayed his idea, because, aren't all boy ideas silly? ;-)

Ryan also manages to embarrass me at the Korean store where we purchase raw items for the dogs and I am no longer taking him with me. In our cart were items such as pork and beef tongue, chicken hearts and livers, frog legs, duck gizzards, frozen cod fish and quail eggs. I also grabbed a bottle of oyster and sweet chili sauce for when I cook since it is cheaper at the Korean store than buying it at Safeway.

The cashier at the Korean store always gives us a weird look when ringing up our items. I don't blame her! She has no idea this is for our dogs and probably thinks we are eating all of this.

Cue in Ryan..."Oh man, I can't wait to just throw some oyster and sweet chili sauce on all of this and have it for dinner! YUMM!"

I looked everywhere for a hole to crawl into, but couldn't find one anywhere. See what I mean about boys being silly?


  1. Judging by some of the prepared foods I've seen at 99 Ranch, maybe the cashier was just hoping you would invite her over for dinner ...

  2. I don't see the problem?

    What's wrong with that comment?

    Me, I would have said something like this:

    "Ketchup!! We forgot to get the ketchup!! I can't eat this without ketchup."

    Yea, I would have - you know it too.


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