Sep 29, 2008

Beach Bum: Bruno

"Woo hoo! The beach!" exclaims Bruno.

"Wait! Wait! I think there might be
something important buried here!"

"Must! Find! Buried! Treasure!"

"Just a little bit more..."

"Uh...there really isn't anything here.
I just wanted an excuse to get sand
all over my freakishly large head."

"This weather is a lot less cooler than
the weather back home!
We should bottle this stuff Ma calls 'fog'
and bring it back home with us!"

"Alrighty before I go,
I just have to leave one thing behind..."

"My autograph.
Ha ha!"


  1. hello bruno its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel dun leev nuthing but paw prints thats wot i always say ha ha ok bye

  2. Can Carmela sit IN that paw print?


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