Sep 26, 2008

Five Years!

Ryan and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary this past week. Huzzah! Traditionally, we always go on long hikes with the crew. This year's anniversary hike was special because Carmela was able to join us.

It was a trying time for her...would she able to hang with the boys and integrate in our crew? Could she handle long hikes without us having to carry her most of the way?

"Don't you worry about what
I can or can't do!"

"Quit standing there!
Let's do this!"

Well, I guess Carmela quickly proved all my fears about her not keeping up wrong. She kept leaving me in the dust!

We hiked along beautiful Echo Lake with the crew. The water was crystal blue and gorgeous.

"Yup! The water is so clear I know
just which rocks I am going to dive for!"

What we wouldn't give to own a cabin up here!

There were also lots of beautiful rock walls along the trail.

Along with lots of Pugs in rocks.

"Hmmmph. This is the puny trail
you thought I wouldn't be able to do?!"

"Puhlease! This is easy peasy!"

"Shame on you for ever doubting me!"

"Ok, seriously. Is this blog going to always
be about Carmela or what?!"

Sorry, Vinnie! Back to the agenda!

We made our way down to the lake so that the crew could cool down their paws.


"I'll soak my paw for just a few before I start..."

"Rock diving!"

"Ma! Ma! Look!
I'm a seal! Ha ha!"

The crew had a blast and Carmela proved she could hang on our long hikes without a hitch.

"Woo hoo for annivesary hikes!"

P.S. Things We Head In Abundance During Our Hike
  1. Put a saddle on that dog and you'll have an easy hike!
  2. What a menagerie you have!
  3. You win the award for the largest dog!
  4. Whoa! Your Chihuahua hikes?!
  5. Pugs! Pugs that hike! Cool!


  1. Looks like a great hike! And if Carmela did get tired, you could just put her in your backpack! ;-)

    On our anniversary hike in June down to the Warlock Mine (almost), Tucker got tired and I had to carry him back up the mountain!

  2. What a fun time for you all! I bet Carmela was beside herself with all the fun you're having? Bison hears the saddle comment all the time, too. He's accused of being a horse from time to time! ha! Can't wait to see the same view in winter... :)

  3. Wow that looks like fun!!! Where is Echo Lake?


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