Jan 6, 2009

Fighting Dirty

The Canine Mafiosos think they are so slick...they make sure to have a lookout when starting wrestling matches on the couch knowing damn well no dogs are allowed on the couch.

I have to admit they do have one dedicated lookout!

I mean, he hasn't moved an inch!

Also, Gino seems to have turned into a cannibal...

"Whoa!!! Ok, you win for who can do the
weirdest thing with their head!"


  1. Whoa, looks like Carmela may have gotten hold of "The Mask"!

  2. If you are going to do naughty things, it is always good to have a faithful lookout!

  3. Oh dear! Carmela is morphing into a....hmmm....alien?

  4. It seems to me like their lookout is highly ineffectual. He should have been looking YOUR way!! Maybe next time they need to enlist Bruno to get the job done right.


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