Jan 29, 2009

Tiny Tinkerbell

I supposed to I should be used to Carmela's size by now. The fact that she is 3lbs shouldn't phase me anymore. But every now and then, it will.

Like, for example, when she hangs out near Bruno. My eyes almost pop out of my head when I see that Bruno's paws are bigger than her head.

Or how Blue, who weighs barely 11lbs, is waaaaaaay bigger than Carmela.

I hope this phase ends soon. My eyes can't keep popping out of my head on a daily basis. ;-)


  1. For such a tiny little thing, Carmela looks like she is very spunky!

  2. LOL! Its not the size its the attitude! And Carmela definately has the 'tude!

  3. Her size still gets me, too. Especially when I think of Lindsay as being small. Lindsay is giant compared to Carmela.

  4. She is so darn cute..I just love your gang and am glad I found this blog!

  5. Don't let Carmela hear you call her Tinkerbell, she'll probably kill you.


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