Jan 11, 2009

My Buddy and Me

Today, Bruno had a date with his friend Parker. It's been a long time since these two got together, so a trip to the snow was in order.

Parker is, however, always fashionably late. He was in charge of getting the coffee, so Bruno patiently waited for him to arrive.

"He better have ordered my
double mocha nonfat grande cappuccino
at exactly 108 degrees F!"

When we finally got there, Parker kept running around screaming "BRUNO HAS GOT A FREAKISHLY LARGE HEAD!!!"

So Bruno tried very hard to shrink his FLH in an effort to appease Parker.

"Come on, head! Shrink!"

Good thing Auntie Lisa was there to help Bruno out. She had a long talk with him to just embrace his FLH and be himself.

"Don't listen to Parker, Bruno.
Your FLH is lovely!"

"Ok, Auntie Lisa.
I will just be my freakishly large headed-self!"

With Bruno's confidence back on the mark, Bruno called Parker over for some investigative work.

"Hey, Parker!
Get over here!"

"What??" asks Parker.
"What is it?"

"I think there might be some Milk Bones
buried here that fell outta my Ma's pockets!"

"Oooooh...I'm not allowed to have those!" exclaims Parker.
"Let's find them!"

The day was soon over and it was time to head home. The boys had lots of fun and it appeared that Parker was feeling a little lovey dovey...

"I wish I knew how to quit you, Bruno," says Parker.

"Ummm...I'm gonna pretend
that you never tried to kiss me," says Bruno.

"Parker trying to kiss me was just a bad dream.
Just a bad dream!"


  1. Luckies! You guys looked like you had lots of fun! I can't wait til we go. That's a snow trip a week...ha!

    ~Mr. Bison

  2. Wow, Bruno, cool trip. (Except for the kissing thing, but I won't mention that!)

    I agree with your Auntie Lisa. Be yourself and be proud. I mean, look at Carmela - she's got pretty big batwing ears happening over on the sidebar! But she doesn't worry about it! Be who you are! It would be much worse if you didn't have a head, after all.


  3. Maybe Parker was just looking to see if you had a little Milk Bone stuck to your lip ... yeah, that's the ticket ...

  4. Well I think having a FLH is much better than having a FSH (freakishly small head) now that would be wierd!

  5. What a fun playdate you had! Bruno, I like your head just the size it is.

  6. hahha - that looks like fun, and nothing is wrong with a little 'bromance'!!

  7. Wow, the snow? That's crazy and full of coldness (which I do not abide by).

    And Bruno, I think your head is appropriately freakishly large. Just the way I like them.

    With play bows,

    Miss Mina


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