Jan 8, 2009

Musical Musings

"Johnny kick the football!"

"Said be on time!"

"I said One, two!"

"Three, four!"

"What? Like girls totally can play football!"


  1. That's a good start, Carmela. Now when one of the boys comes running to kick the football, you pull it away at the last second and then watch them go flying!

  2. Hey Camela can I see that football, I thinked it might be stuffed and could possibly explode! I wouldn't want you to get hurt! Oh and by the way you are cute as a bug!

  3. Dang it!! I woke up singing this song this morning! hah! It must have stuck after reading this post last night?

    Go Carmela!

  4. Absolutely adorable!! I bet you are the team captain too!!


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