Jan 31, 2009

Taking Back The Empire!

The Canine Mafia set to conquer what is known as Empire Mine.

"I guess this might be fun," says Vinnie.

"Where are we going again?" asks Gino.

Empire Mine!

"What's so special about there?" asks Gino.

Well, it used to be the largest source of gold in California. It also has really cool trails!

"Trails?!" exclaims Vinnie.
"You mean as in roads with wildlife poop??"

Sigh. Yes, I guess.

"Wheeee!" shouts Bruno.
"Let's find us some wildlife poop!"

"Hey, Dad?" asks Bruno.
"Do you know where we could find some
wildlife poop around these parts?"

"Seriously?" asks Carmela.
"The boys really like eating poop?!"

"Hey!" shout Bruno and Vinnie.
"Don't knock it until you try it!"

"No thanks, boneheads," replies Carmela.
"I'll, uh, take your word for it."

In addition to, um, wildlife poop, Empire mine also has a lot of the mining equipment used to mine for gold on display. It was quite fascinating.

"Hey, Vinnie?" asks Bruno.
"Do you know how to work this thing?"

"So where do the cookies come out from?" inquires Bruno.

If you're ever in the area, take a trip to see Empire Mine. Just be careful of a gang of hoodlums I heard that target people crossing a bridge. They empty all your pockets and search for cookies!


  1. what a cool adventure! that picture of Carmela saying "No thanks, boneheads" is wonderful!

  2. Mafiosos, did you find a gold nugget? You know, to make a gold chain around your necks. It's a must have for any mafioso!

    ~Mr. Bison and Lindsay

  3. Them hoodlums don't look so fierce...But then looks are deceiving so I'll give them a cookie to be sure!

  4. Oh wow! That looks like sooooo much fun! Much better than 12 inches of snow, BOL!

    Looks like you all had a blast! Great, great pics too!

    Woofs, Johann

  5. Hey Mafiosos, my mom just informed me that she has indeed been to this place of gold and poop. Back when she lived in Tahoe City she took a trip there. That was way before me or Roscoe or even Sprocket!

  6. My dogs would love to be there and out of the snow. Great Pics!

  7. Hey there,

    My minion keeps threatening to take me to the Empire Mine park every time we go to Grass Valley (apparently we'll be moving there in the next year) but she hasn't done it yet.

    These pictures have inspired her so hopefully she'll let me become Empress and such.


    Miss Mina

  8. Wow, Dannan is salivating just at the thought of wildlife poop!

    I never noticed the white bits on Carmela's feet before... isn't it strange how we suddenly see things differently?


  9. Susan/cookiemonsterFebruary 1, 2009 at 5:09 PM

    Looks like you all had a lot of fun!! did the boys find their wildlife poop to eat??

  10. hello mafiosi its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that darth tater likes to hang owt arownd the empire so keep an eye owt for him and dont let him do enny of his sith lord tricks on yoo!!! ok bye


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