Jan 4, 2009

Ice House Road Adventure

The Mafiosos seem to be gravitating to the snow a lot lately. Our last snow trip was a complete bust. The snow was too powdery and we all kept sinking into thigh high snow with every step we took. In fact, Carmela held on with Indian Jones style force when she fell into one of Ryan's shoe tracks. This trip was to make up for the last trip.

"Oh my...it can't be...
Yes it is!

"Snow! Snow!
My absolute favorite!"

"Gino! It's snow!!!"

"Ok, I'm not hanging around you
if you're going to act like a buffoon," says Gino.

He was embarrassing me, Ma!"

"You better swear on all that is holy that I
won't turn into a Mexican paleta out here."

I promise you Carmela. You will not turn into ice cream; but you have to keep moving!

"I'm moving!
But it's still butt nugget cold out here!"

"Mmmmm...ice cream."

"Gotta keep moving!
Ma says to keep moving to stay warm!"

"I'm moving this way. To the road.
The one that goes home.
Where we have the heater on."

Come on, Vinnie! Let loose! Have some fun!

"Being frozen is not my idea of fun!"

which pine tree should I pee on first?"

"Phew! Thank goodness I started fetching
snow balls before Bruno made the snow yellow!"

"Wait...this one tastes a little funny!

"Alright! You know what time it is!

Gino, I wouldn't hang out too closely to Bruno while he's....


I think today's trip was a success. We found snow that wasn't too powdery and we all stayed afloat. Overall, The Mafiosos gave this snow trip 4 paws up!

And, if I can get my butt to do something anything this year, it will be to make this shot our new banner for the blog. Or at least have a banner where you don't have to squint really hard or use a magnifying glass to see Carmela. ;-)


  1. What a fun snow trip!! I have a feeling Bison will share Vinnie's thoughts on the snow. Still gotta try though!

    You had me busting up with that paleta thing!!

  2. LOL you are so lucky. I wish my dog could play around in the snow but it doesn't snow here in Perth,Western Australia and because were going Through a heatwave were the temps are always above 100 degrees Fahrenheit we have no hope of having one flake of snow unless were standing on top of the blue mountains in Canberra and i don't think my dog Travis would appreciate climbing up a bunch of Mountains!
    P.S will you please follow my blog!

  3. For some reason, I hear the whistle theme from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" when I look at that closeup of Carmela ...

  4. Happy WROO year, Mafiosos! What a cool trip you guys got to go on! It's way too cold up here for me to be able to go out and play in the snow.

    Hey Gino, hope you recovered from your collision with Bruno! That picture made me BOL!

    Brown dog kisses,

  5. gino looks especially dashing against all that white!


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