Jan 25, 2009

This is War!

There was a squabble recently within The Canine Mafia...

"Yay! There's a reindeer stuffie
for me under the Christmas tree!" exclaims Gino

"No!" shouts Carmela.
"You have to share!
It's for the both of us!"

"Tell him Ma," says Carmela.
"Tell him he has to share!"

It's true, Gino. You have to share. Sorry!

"Nooo! I don't wanna share!" whines Gino.

"You heard, Ma!" shouts Carmela.

"DO NOT!" shouts Gino.

"DO TO!" shouts back Carmela.

"This is war, mister!" warns Carmela.
"I will bite your face off if you don't share!"

"I dare you to bite it off!" replies Gino.
"You couldn't hurt me if you tried!"

"Gimme the toy!!!" cries Carmela.

Bruno, I could use a little help with your little brother and sister over here.

"Alright you pipsqueaks," says Bruno.
"Break it up and give me the toy."

"But it was under the tree for me!" squeals Gino
"It's MY toy!"

"Correction," clarifies Bruno.
"It WAS your toy!"

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  1. I bet Carmela could get it from Bruno if she wanted :)

  2. Ha ha ha well this is jest like at my house except theres only two of us and I always win. Sharing is fer suckers!

    Yer pal Dozer

  3. I love Gino's face in the last shot. He's like, "What...this is so not fair!" Carmela and Gino play so well together.


  4. Oh, forgot to mention that I like the new blog layout. It flows nicely.


  5. War, huh, yeah,
    What is it good for?
    Stealing the reindeer toy!

  6. At least it didn't explode! Whew! perhaps you should get some bullet proof vests to wear when you play with stuffies, just in case...


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