Jan 15, 2009

Rules Were Made To Be Broken - Canine Mafia

Remember when I told you readers that I have a "No Dogs On The Couch Rule?"

Can someone please remind Ryan of that rule??

Heck, I guess I'm overruled!

"Resistance is futile."

p.s. For a few weeks, you'll be saying "Canine Mafia," "The Dogfathers," or "Canine Mafioso" right after the title posts. I'm trying to help speed along Google's instance to keep linking to the old domain name (which no longer works! YAY!).

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  1. That's how we started and somehow Bobby broke the rule, too. Now, the couch is Bison and Lindsay's favorite chill spot! I guess we won't be the household that keeps a couch for 10 years? They look so cute cuddling with their daddy!

  2. Ha!!! We had that rule too, until one day we decided to take a long weekend away and left Roxy with my dad. He seemed to think it was ok that she was on the furniture because technically, she was laying on him, and not the couch. Sure pop, that'll teach her. And as I'm tying this out Roxy is snuggling with Jeffrey on the couch...

  3. Ha, when Ryan breaks a rule, he sure goes all the way! What a great picture though, all of them dogpiled like that.

    Dannan is curled up on the other end of the couch right now - at Nanny and Papa's, who have never allowed dogs on the furniture.

  4. Looks like they made Ryan an offer he couldn't refuse ...

  5. I agree with Ryan. Dogs belong on the couch. That's my favourite sleeping spot.
    Enjoy your new bed.
    Love Ruby

  6. You have officially lost the war. Once they get a taste of couch it's over.

  7. I thought that couches were for KITTIES! (Mollymouse)

  8. I seems that dogs all over the couch.
    I want to sit there between them.


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