Jan 4, 2009

For The Bruno Fans

I logged onto Amazon.com to review the Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain. I rely heavy on other's reviews of products I am considering purchasing, so I figured I better pay back the favor.

I purchased the fountain a few weeks ago with the intention that this will help Bruno drink more water. So far, everyone has enjoyed it and water consumption has gone up. Which means I'm also playing doorman a lot these days!

One thing I was worried about was the little pipsqueaks not being able to reach the fountain. But, everyone can reach it and I decided I should probably take a few pictures to prove it.

So far so good. One pipsqueak down, one to go...

Then Gino approaches the fountain to take a drink. Luckily, I have my camera nearby and I begin to take my first shot of him using the fountain. I wish I could have completed my task! Instead, I found myself saying "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! What the hell!"

The Freakishly Large Head manages to ruin my shot! Can't post that on Amazon.com can I??


  1. Even if they don't drink more water, the sound of a tinkling fountain will probably still result in additional trips outside ...

  2. I thought Brunos resolution for the year was to shrink his FLH?


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